Dragon-A-Day, Day 86

It hasn’t become a chore, but my heart was really not in drawing tonight.

Which was odd, because I came home from this networking thing at SVA ready to draw something and write this long, rambling post about setting goals and my “vision as an artist” and other career-centric gobbledygook.

Then I came home and had to deal with basement flooding and other unpleasantness. Without getting too much more into the minutia of my day, here is the dragon:

I’m not sure if the dragon is covered with fungus, or if the fungus is covered with dragon. I was completely uninspired, and tired on top of that, so I was pretty sure that if I did something out of the queue, I was just going to mess it up, so I sat in my chair trying to get excited about drawing and just feeling self-conscious. I started to get into it towards the end; I actually figured out why it was drooling so much- it’s to hydrate the growths in the crevices under the jowls there, but I don’t think that I knew enough about fungus to do it convincingly- most of it looks like seaweed and herpes to me.

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