Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 924: In the Shadow Of Wings.

So a few weeks ago, just for fun, I drew a dragon (yes, that happens). This dragon (dragonelle, really) had wings with a sort of recurve in them that I didn’t really premeditate; I just kind of drew and kept because they looked nice.

The wing in question.

I’ve been doing a lot of sketching and note-taking on the backs of practice tax returns.

Fast forward to tonight where I thought I would draw her again, but I couldn’t figure out how the wings unfolded during flight. Didn’t help that I was drawing them backwards at first, so I made myself sit down and draw the wing structure, recurve and all.

01092014 - In the Shadow of Wings 2I eventually figured it out; it’s the blue sketch there. I still felt like I needed something more than just a page full of stick-wings and an explanation as to why the wing was shaped the way it was (the extra joint in the middle alar finger lets it be longer than the outer one when fully extended, unlike pretty much every other dragon so far), so I pressed on and did this:

01092014 - In the Shadow of Wings 3

If you made your (comparatively low) Spot Check, you’ll notice that there’s a sketch of my dragon’s head there. That’s because I wanted this dragonelle to be similar to my dragon, but different- hankering somewhat back to that individual dragon quandary from back in ’09 which I never really solved.

Also, the biologist in me wants the coloring to be different, as well as some of the other things, like the shapes of the horns and presence/absence of dorsal sail, hence the rosetted tabby pattern (which I suppose is really more like a leopard or something, despite appearing as an “official” pattern in Image Search, Web search seems to imply it’s strictly a Bengal tabby thing. Whatev).

Anyways, I like what I ended up doing in the last sketch, composition-wise, though I kind of wish I’d left more space for her, I feel like I stuffed her in there a bit. Anyhow, I suppose there’s always tomorrow to keep on figuring this out.

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