Dragon-A-Day, Day 64

Some of you might remember the Earthquake Dragon I did for the ArtOrder contest of the same name back in July.

While i haven’t kept up with that blog lately (which is a shame, because it’s rather good, but my RSS feed has fallen into disuse as of late), for some reason the Catastrophic Dragons that were unveiled in the contest came to mind today, so I did one for a different catastrophe:


Plague Dragon!!!1


I crossed out “effulgent,” because while I was doing the sketch, I was thinking that it meant “smoky.” While getting ready for the post, I decided to double-check, and lo and behold, it means “radiant.”

I really should have remembered this from my Gilbert and Sullivan days (although I didn’t play Yum-Yum, I am still embarrassed for forgetting that), but at least I caught it in time. I suppose the energy could be effulgent after all, perhaps more like plasma or something… Hmm.

I’m rather fond of this dragon, and plan to revisit it sometime soon.

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