Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,158: Durdling Around.

While playing Magic with my girlfriend, she was wondering when she could use Sudden Spoiling. I explained that it would turn my side into a bunch of durdles and she could use that advantage to kill a lot of my guys- my creatures were a bit better than hers, but she had just untapped a large amount of tokens from Army of the Damned.

She didn’t know what a “durdle” was, and I tried to explain it, though apparently I didn’t have the definition quite right. I more or less said that it was a creature that didn’t really affect the board state, something that just sits there. Apparently in competitive Magic circles, it’s an adjective used to describe play styles or something, though it has other meanings as well in other places. However, in my playgroup it’s been used for the former more often.

Anyhow, she thought that  “durdle” sounded like something cute but kind of helpless, and asked if I could draw one, so I drew this:

08312014 - Durdling Around.


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